Written Word

A National Champion

May 15, 1997 Odessa, Texas Guilt made me do it. When you lie to get a college scholarship, that sort of thing will stay with you for a while. You might even find that your whole life from that point… Read More ›

The Dungeon

  Sept 1, 1995 The fall of 1995 I trekked to trail British Columbia to train with Willie Krause and the Trail track and field team, but what I was not expecting was that I had taken the first steps… Read More ›

Every Village

MAY 18th 1995 Trail, British Columbia, Canada Entry: Every Small Village. It was hot as shit, and the sun baked our fragile Canadian DNA, like fresh caught lake trout over a fire. Trail BC was always hotter then Golden and… Read More ›

The Project

Spring 1993 Golden, B.C., Canada Farm and Garden In Golden for more than five months of the year we would be locked in a winter deep -freeze, with snow piling up until the universe shifted and pushed us out from… Read More ›