Mass Packer Review!

My name is Austin Dossey. I was a collegiate athlete, former Mr. Ball State 06-07, Northern Kentucky Champion, Natural Mid-Michigan Champion, WNBF Pro Card Winner and Champion of the Buckeye Classic 2012, 4th Tournament of Champions (Pro Division) 2013, 3rd… Read More ›

Testimonial: Ryan Faehnle

Ryan Faehnle Ohio, USA “You think you’re well versed in training, supplementation, and periodization? I guarantee you that you’re not….. at least if you haven’t spent any significant amount of time with the (Man)imal himself, Derek Woodske!! I first met… Read More ›

Testimonial: Kenneth Lo

Kenneth Lo Hong Kong, China “Who is a (Man)imal? Definitely Derek Woodske. I was a professional rower and rugby player. I started lifting weights when I was only 17 years-old. I followed a lot of training programs and different coaches…. Read More ›