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  • Team Woodske

    MetconStrong For the serious athlete that is looking to take training to the next level while still maintaining the principals of strength and conditioning. MetconStrong, is a three (3) day a week system that is based on Olympic lifting, Primary Movements and Metabolic Work. The goal… Read More ›

  • The Project

    Spring 1993 Golden, B.C., Canada Farm and Garden In Golden for more than five months of the year we would be locked in a winter deep -freeze, with snow piling up until the universe shifted and pushed us out from… Read More ›

  • Bryan Krahn – The Big Picture Approach to Muscle

    I was lucky enough to work with Bryan Krahn on his latest article “The Big Picture Approach to Muscle” If you have not checkout his Articles Already you can find them here;  

  • Jessica Lara: Medicine, Motherhood and Metal

    WHO: JESSICA LARA: Physicians Assistant, Mom and NCAA Athlete Where: Colorado – USA        1. What is your sports background and how did you get into weight training and were you always an athlete? 1. I have always… Read More ›

  • Juggernaut Article Part II

    “During the last decade powerlifting has grown significantly more influential in college athletics and professional sports, as young coaches have moved up the ladder. Meanwhile, other incredibly smart and influential coaches took their platforms online, creating entire communities for the… Read More ›