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  • The Dungeon

      Sept 1, 1995 The fall of 1995 I trekked to trail British Columbia to train with Willie Krause and the Trail track and field team, but what I was not expecting was that I had taken the first steps… Read More ›

  • Every Village

    MAY 18th 1995 Trail, British Columbia, Canada Entry: Every Small Village. It was hot as shit, and the sun baked our fragile Canadian DNA, like fresh caught lake trout over a fire. Trail BC was always hotter then Golden and… Read More ›

  • Savage 40 Vol. I

    Savage 40 Vol.1 CLICK HERE All athletes get older… it’s a simple fact of life, and one that we all will experience. However, that doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sideline and let our handwork vanish. Savage 40, is a… Read More ›

  • Mass Packer Vol.I

    MASS PACKER Vol. 1 CLICK HERE Mass Packer Vol.I, will help an athlete meet their goals becoming an Apex Predator!  We think of old school strength and conditioning as powerful weight room numbers, combined with an Impressive physique.  Mass Packer Vol.I,  is a four… Read More ›

  • Psycho Circus Vol. I

    Psycho Circus Vol.1 CLICK HERE Enter the world of Strength and Conditioning in its most raw form!  This program is designed to place focus on three primary movements a day,  while simultaneously pushing an athlete’s fitness into the stratosphere!  Psycho Circus, is a three (3) day… Read More ›