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  • Savage 40 Vol. II

    Savage 40 Vol.II   All athletes get older,  it’s a simple fact of life and one that we all will experience, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sideline and let our handwork vanish. Savage 40, is… Read More ›

  • Psycho Circus Vol.II

    CLICK LINK  Enter the world of Strength and Conditioning in its most raw form! This program is designed to place focus on three primary movements a day while simultaneously pushing an athlete’s fitness into the stratosphere!  Psycho Circus, is a three (3) day a week… Read More ›

  • Mass Packer Vol.II

    FOLLOW THE LINK Mass Packer Vol.II will help an athlete meet their goals becoming an Apex Predator! We think of old school strength and conditioning as powerful weight room numbers, combined with an Impressive physique. Mass Packer Vol.II is a four day… Read More ›

  • A National Champion

    May 15, 1997 Odessa, Texas Guilt made me do it. When you lie to get a college scholarship, that sort of thing will stay with you for a while. You might even find that your whole life from that point… Read More ›

  • Mass Packer Review!

    My name is Austin Dossey. I was a collegiate athlete, former Mr. Ball State 06-07, Northern Kentucky Champion, Natural Mid-Michigan Champion, WNBF Pro Card Winner and Champion of the Buckeye Classic 2012, 4th Tournament of Champions (Pro Division) 2013, 3rd… Read More ›