The Road

10,000 miles from home and another 10,000 miles from where I started I find myself sitting in a hotel reflecting back on not only my life but thinking ahead to the what-ifs the hopes and the maybe of what’s to come. In those 10,000 miles I have experienced incredible highs and tough lows, but throughout it all regardless of how long tough times last there always seemed to be a permanent anchor adhering me to the road ensuring that I could weather even the most severe storm. I know that everyone that makes this journey through life will experience things that either shape them or change them and how you approach those things not only is influenced by the core of your beliefs but also by the influence of those that you’ve had in your life.

When I first picked up a barbell, I never knew that it would become the instrument of myScreen Shot 2014-07-04 at 1.44.00 PM expression, the tool that would shape my future and dictate my present. At no time did I ever assumed the experiences I had at 14 would instill a passion that is with me near 40. During those formative years, I experienced the camaraderie and brotherhood found in the pursuit of iron in the name of Sean Schacher. Not only was he my first friend in my life but he and I experienced the formative years of human growth, from wrestling matches in the elementary school playground to late-night conversations about girls, including the one we would call his wife and the mother of this beautiful children. Sean was not only my first friend, but he was my best friend during the most formative years of my life.

During the teen years, through the changes and adjustments that were high school life and the revolving door which becomes friendships, we held true to one fundamental understanding. We made a pact when we were five that regardless of the path in which life took us we would always be friends solidified over the years in the basement of his home, surrounded by the struggle of steel. The summers waterskiing, racing motocross and stirring trouble would turn to autumn where we would track a buck through the forest not speaking just moving. In sync with one another formed by culture, a family, a town, and understanding.

And as I sit 10,000 miles away… The word of your passing anchors me to yesterday.

You will be missed, my friend…


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6 replies

  1. Well written Derek and very true

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss… beautiful tribute Derek.
    Love A

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