Testimonial: Clarke Flynn Canadian Olympian Bobsleigh

Clarke Flynn

Brockville, Ont Canada

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.24.04 PM“One of the best things about teaching alongside Derek was that he had done it all. He had trained each of the different phases we were teaching in the PICP certification programs. He had done GVT, AGVT, drop sets, clusters, etc … and he had done extensive rehabilitation work during his recovery from injuries back in his athletic training so he could recommend to others what exercises to follow. He was strong, incredibly strong when it came to demonstrating the exercises he could lift some unbelievable weights using the proper form and following the tempo prescribed so everyone watching understood the importance of why and how coaches get the results they do from recreational, elite athletic clients and teams. He is an effective communicator no matter what level of trainer he is speaking with and he can also call you out when you are spouting BS! Anyone learning or training under Derek will grow in their love for training and in how they coach/train others.”


163 Ormond Street, Unit I/J

Brockville, Ontario

K6V 2L2


Tel: (613) 340-1158

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