Testimonial: Ryan Faehnle

Ryan Faehnle

Ohio, USA

Ryan FeahnleMG2U“You think you’re well versed in training, supplementation, and periodization? I guarantee you that you’re not….. at least if you haven’t spent any significant amount of time with the (Man)imal himself, Derek Woodske!!

I first met Derek around 4 years ago and I can honestly say that his gym wisdom reaches far beyond any textbook or scientific study in terms of it’s practicality and effectiveness.

I had the luxury of traveling the world and teaching strength and conditioning with Derek for the past 2 years and there was never a time that I wasn’t learning from him while teaching alongside him!

As a NCAA Division 1 strength coach, I have always valued Derek’s advice and insight into training, and his ability to simplify such convoluted topics in the training world.

Is your head spinning trying to organize all the various program design variables? Go learn from Derek.

Are you spending unnecessary money on supplements that you aren’t even sure are working? Go learn from Derek.

Do you work with athletes from multiple disciplines and can’t seem to make out how you should train an alactic-power athlete versus an alactic-capacity athlete? Go learn from Derek!!!

Derek and I have had so many great programming conversations over a big steak at Outback and we’ve also had some beastly sessions in the gym together. I feel lucky to have learned what I learned from him in our time together and I look forward to a teaching reunion! Derek is the best!

Ryan Faehnle

NCAA Strength Coach


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