Testimonial: Kenneth Lo

Kenneth Lo

Hong Kong, China

KENLOMG2U“Who is a (Man)imal? Definitely Derek Woodske. I was a professional rower and rugby player. I started lifting weights when I was only 17 years-old. I followed a lot of training programs and different coaches. I realized I didn’t know anything about strength training until I met Derek in Oct 2011. He is one of the most passionate coaches in the world. If you read his blogs or video blogs, you know he is the one who will increase your strength, make you bigger and faster. Why? Here are Derek’s statements from his video blog – Reality of Strength. He said “If you make somebody stronger, you are going to make him leaner; if you make someone stronger, you are going to make him bigger; if you make someone stronger, you are going to make him more functional; if you make someone stronger, you are going to make him to have a better quality of life…”

I attended four courses that were instructed by Derek since 2011, and I almost read and watched every single one of his blogs. He certainly inspires me a lot on how to become a better coach. I personally, really like one of his particular blogs – Where has Strength gone? “Being strong is a sign to the world around you that you are dependable and steadfast.” Derek said. When you look at your own gym, how many people are training to be stronger? Less than 50%, specially in Hong Kong. In my community, being thin and slim are people’s goal. Some of them want to be healthier but never exercise and consume crap food during the day. They may think that working out once or twice a week can get eliminate their belly fat. Sometimes you can see the gym floor is empty but the machines are full in the club house or your gym. However, Derek is reminding us that being strong is necessary.

“Strength is the characteristic of great men, and it’s this characteristic that needs to be reestablished in the world of fitness training and exercise. It’s in our DNA…” Derek said.

Honestly, I am older than Derek, but I respect him a lot as a coach, because his mind and his projection of information globally is much greater than mine. He used to be Charles Poliquin’s right handed man. He coached the Olympic athletes and he taught many courses with world-class coaches. I am following his training methodology, nutrition and supplementation. I remember he emphasized that changing people’s lifestyle is a coaches’ (our) job.

Ultimate Performance Hong Kong”

5th floor Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen’s Road Central,

Central District, Hong Kong

+852 2798 9000


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