Testimonial: Sefton Clarke

Sefton Clarke

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Worlds apart???

A hammer thrower and a ballet dancer together in a room discussing training! Sounds strange right, but the similarities are closer than most imagine. You would have thought that I would have been dismissed very quickly upon our first encounter but I was taken and used as a subject during the course again and again as an example of how to receive impact on landing, how it effects the joints and so on. Derek very quickly told me that I would be surprised how similar “our worlds” are. We ended up discussing A LOT of things afterwards which continues to this day and which is why I will continue to consult and fly across the continents to take his courses.

Derek has been there at the top of his profession and has managed to successfully transition into coaching and teaching, which is by no means easy as you need a certain eye and a depth of understanding to be able to do this. Not all good athletes make good coaches, but when, in the rare case that it does happen, you get something rather special as they understand not only what it’s like in terms of training but also about the mindset and pressures of being in a such a position, Derek is one of those special few. He has his own unique way of teaching and explaining things that make you realize very quickly that he knows what he’s talking about and he will cut through all the quackery and tell you what works.

I have been taught by Derek on numerous courses and have continued to stay in contact with him throughout the years that I have known him. He has been extremely generous with his time and vast amount of knowledge and I can honestly say that I am very privileged to be in such a position.

I have very few people that I look up to, respect and listen to in a world full of “guru’s”. Derek is one them!

Sefton Clarke


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