Testimonial: Kelly Dessington

Kelly Dessington

Cape Town, South Africa

kelly dessington MG2U“I often get strange looks when I refer to my ‘coach’ – ‘but you’re a coach, why would you need someone else to write your programs?’ I am of the firm belief that you can always learn more from someone with more experience and the reality is we will always do the things we’re best at and ignore the things we suck at… no matter how dedicated you are and how hard you’re prepared to work. Enter Derek Woodske… I think I swore at him the first time he made me do snatch grip deadlifts on a podium (they hurt my ego and my hip flexors!) but they made me stronger…and I don’t just mean my lifts… Derek has an inordinate amount of knowledge and understanding of programming, and a unique way of communicating this in his own rather colourful way that oozes passion, not only for sport but also education; his desire to share what he has learned through experience and application, not just the minimum, but to make better coaches out of the people he encounters in the industry on a day to day basis, was clearly evident in his teaching during his PICP class which I attended in 2011 and has continued throughout the time that he has coached me. We have worked together for about 12 months, in which Derek’s dynamic approach has meant we were able to work together successfully for both performance and aesthetic goals. In this time, I have competed at opposite ends of the scale in figure shows and powerlifting, with success in both; most notably achieving 3 national records (deadlift and bench press in the 60-67kg weight category (I weighed 60.8kg!) and overall) for drug free powerlifting. A rather unique challenge, I transitioned from competing at figure the previous year, to powerlifting and back to figure with approx. a 12 week period between my powerlifting competition in April and stepping on stage as a WBFF Fitness Diva in July in the best shape I’ve ever been. Derek’s support and mentorship has not only given me the confidence to push the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of, but what I have learned about strength and conditioning and program design by working with him has been invaluable in my own development as both an athlete and a coach. Always challenging, always interesting and always pushing my limits, the results speak for themselves” Interview with Kelly Dessington HERE
Kelly Dessington
Progressive Edge Performance
PICP Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
BioSignature/Lifestyle Modification Nutrition Coach

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