Testimonial: Stretch Rayner

Stretch Rayner

London, UK

“This month my coach is testing my 1RM snatch and clean”

“Wait… You have a coach?”

“Hell yes, and a bloody good one at that!”

1476602_10152431479347542_1785602587_n“Many of my clients/members are surprised to hear that I have a coach.  As part owner of Momentum Training (the home of CrossFit Hackney), and a Strength and Conditioning coach, many make the assumption that I write my own training programs.  It’s a fair assumption to make, as some of my clients include a professional boxer (George Kean), and 7 members of the British Athletics 100/200m Olympic sprinting hopefuls. 

To be honest, one of the main reasons why I feel I have the ability and confidence to train these elite athletes is down to the fact that I’ve been training under the watchful eye of Derek Woodske.  

My first encounter of the man(imal) was in 2010 on a PICP level 1 course.  I remember thinking that Derek was A BEAST OF A MAN and not someone you would want to meet in a dark alley. However, over the duration of the course and on future encounters with Derek, PICP levels 2&3, I was inspired and motivated by his story, his passion for sport, his wealth of knowledge, his desire to help educate others, not to mention his colorful rants (love a good vblog rant)!  

Derek’s experience as both an athlete and a coach is invaluable.  He has taught me more about strength and conditioning than any other person ever has.  When I started training with Derek I was transitioning from the sport of triathlon to the sport of Crossfit, with a serious lack of strength and muscle mass.  Derek’s training protocol has fixed many of my niggling injuries, improved all of my major lifts, and helped me gain some much needed muscle.  All of my CrossFit benchmark workout times have drastically improved over the months I’ve been training with Derek. 

The physical gains for me are only part of a much bigger picture of why I train with Derek.  Without a doubt my coaching ability, my program design, and my confidence and my knowledge of strength and conditioning has dramatically improved.  Derek is an amazing coach who is inspiring both athletes and coaches.  The S&C world certainly needs more people like Derek.”

Eat Well, Train Smart, and Get Plenty of Rest,


StreTch Stronger, Faster, Healthier 

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