Testimonial: Sandi Bitenc

Sandi Bitnec

Maribor, Slovenia

Sandi MG2U“I’ve met Derek at a few courses as a speaker and he was the big guy who just gives you the feeling “he knows what he’s talking about”. He’s a natural at giving away knowledge, funny and to the point. He’s still my favorite lecturer.

After my progress has stalled and I lost a part of my motivation I started thinking about getting a coach. At first it seem strange but I believe now more than ever that every coach needs a coach. Derek’s workouts are demanding but they are also fun with a lot of variety. I feel like I’m always getting the most of every workout. I started gaining mass as strength almost immediately and after 10 years I feel my back getting better.

I recommend Derek to everyone who wishes to take his body and performance to the next level. Even or especially if you’re a coach or PT. Along with all the benefits you’ll gain valuable insight into program periodization and feel it on yourself. No book or course can ever match that.

Thank you Derek”


Sandi Bitenc

Guinness Book of World Records 24hr Apnea Swim




BP gym, Maribor, Slovenia

+386 40 246 245


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