Testimonial: Dave “Pain Train” Mazany

Dave Mazany

Las Vegas, NV USA

Dave Mazany MG2U“I first met Derek Woodske at Adams State College. At ASC I competed in the decathlon where Derek was hired on as the throws coach. Aside from creating champions in the throwers circle, he contributed to the strength and conditioning program that allowed Adams State perform at an even more elite level. Since graduating college in 2006 I have become a Professional MMA fighter with main event fights in USA and Canada.  A win against a South African Titleholder, and a middleweight title in Australia. I attribute much of my success to the principals and practices of strength and conditioning I learned through personal interaction with Derek and more recently, his posts on his website (mg2u.com). More importantly, he is one of those unique people that I have learned the attitude and dedication a person needs to become a champion. Derek Woodske is no BS, no cheesy gimmicks, just pure results.”

instagram: mazanyMMA

twitter: mazanyMMA

Dave “the pain train” Mazany fanpage:


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