Testimonial: Cory Gillespie

Cory Gillespie

Lethbridge, AB Canada

Cory Gellespie 2003 MG2U“Derek Woodske is one of the most passionate, educated and riveting individuals I have had the good fortune to associate with, train under and learn from.  Derek is a gentle giant with a straight forward approach and a cut to the chase demeanor.  This allows him to communicate expectations and information in a manner that leaves little to interpretation.  He provides all the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish any training goal whilst empowering and supporting the individuals under his care.  He creates a desire to achieve and surpass realistic goals in order to obtain maximal genetic potential in performance out of each and every individual he works with.  Derek has exemplary character and practices what he preaches.  When it comes to creating the platform for success there is no one better!  

With Derek’s knowledge, assistance, guidance and training methods, I was able to make the jump from middle of the pack amateur strongman to International level strongman competition and win a National Powerlifting title.  Something I can honestly say would not have been possible without his tutelage.  He believed in me when many did not.  He pushed me when I doubted myself and was unsure if I could keep going.  In the end he helped me to achieve what I believed was unachievable. The time spent training under Derek has shaped how I have learned to view and execute training, intensity, technique and an end goal of excellence in everything.  If an individual trains with Derek with an open mind, accountability and pours their heart and soul into the things he tells you to do there is no choice but to see results.”

2003 WPC/CPC Canadian Nationals Results

377.5 kg Squat = 832lbs Squat

307.5 kg Deadlift = 678lbs Deadlift

205 kg Bench = 452lbs Bench

Total = 890 kg/1962lbs

Bodyweight = 114 kg/252lbs

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