Testimonial: Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs

Atlanta Georgia, USA

Robert Jacobs MG2U“For the past 2 years I’ve been following Derek’s blogs, reading the articles, and trying the wkouts. I finally decided to work with him directly! Wow!!! I could not be more pleased with my first 16 weeks! We discussed goals and how to get there! Working with him inspired me to do something with all the training. put it on the line and compete!! His dedication and enthusiasm are infectious. In my first 4 weeks I went from 12% bf down to 6.7, then 6.7 to 6.3%  Which I think equates to around 28% of body fat… Gone! Each phase progresses, testing me every rep! You can feel the method to the madness in the program design, from every rep of every set, every second of each tempo prescription, and every ounce of what seems like never enough rest! There’s no protocol for suck. There’s no protocol for no heart. Coach commands your respect. Each workout demands your best.  Somehow, you reach down and find a way to survive. I’ve been a strength coach for the last 12 years, not a phase goes by where Coach doesn’t teach me something. Derek’s openness to seek out knowledge, no matter the source, makes him one of THE BEST resources in this industry! This is the best investment I’ve ever made! 

X3 Sports


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