Awesome Interview With Coach and MG2U Athlete Danielle Dionne!

207701_111799525568968_7480618_nWho: Danielle Dionne

What: CrossFit Games Competitor and Coach

Where: Washington DC – CrossFit Balance

1. Tell us a little bit about that experience and how it set you up for your current success in the Sport of Fitness.

My parents had weights in the basement and lifted in the evenings together.  Since high school, I explored to supplement sports (equestrian and swimmer).  I transitioned to playing rugby in college and club post-undergrad and started exploring CrossFit.  I went into CrossFit with a good base of strength in regards to upper body and core.

2. When you made the transition to the weight room what was the biggest hurdle?

Committing to a program that is conducive to my goals.  I jumped around a lot and also partnered up with people to learn and went according to their beat.

Also, increasing proficiency/mechanics with the lift.  Still working on this!  In the beginning, I  was not in an environment with lifters with similar goals to have feedback nor with people experienced to give feedback.

946464_10151649629998151_2133727946_n3.  Having competed at the Worlds how do you see the Sport Changing?

I competed at the Games in ’09 at the Ranch and it felt like what would be “The Woodstock of Fitness.”  We were all like, “imagine when this will be at an Expo Center.”  It has evolved into a sport requiring more strength at that level and the programming has reflected this over the years compared to ’09.

4. As an athlete training for Crossfit how do you set up a weekly template to get all your goals achieved?

I’ve always focused on getting stronger since I can remember.  This gets priority and everything is supplementary.  This changes depending on where I’m at in the year.  I also put aside sessions for skill work- usually 3 per week, aim for 2-3 yoga sessions, and supplementary conditioning.  All of this additional work varies where I’m at during the season (on or off).

5. Do you currently have any athlete training under you for the up coming qualifiers?

I am not currently programming for any individual Regional competitors.  I program for our affiliate.

6. Tell us a little bit about your current situation career wise and how does that work with your athletic goals.

I run a CrossFit affiliate and am also the head coach.  Aside from this I am involved in growing the Balance Gym brand.  I live at the gym.  My job permits me to train throughout the day at various times, however, it is challenging to find the balance of “enjoying training” in a work environment.  On one hand, it is the most supportive environment with coaches and other crossfitters and on the other hand, I play another role where it makes it challenging to embrace my training as “me time.”  I do my best to coordinate training sessions, switch up at different facilities on my work off days if there is one, and also always evaluate my recovery.  When I don’t want to train it is because I lack sleep and haven’t had a balance.  Otherwise, training is my hobby!

419717_246857202063199_26622294_nI’ve always been a competitive person and plan on committing to challenge how disciplined I can be to committing in training.  I enjoy that whether it be rugby, CrossFit, swimming, and whatever is next.  The people I am surrounded by motivate me as everyone in my work environment is focused on some sort of fitness goal.

7.  What are some of your best lifts, times and achievements?

My best lift was at Regionals ’13, but not based on the number.  The clock was running and I reached a weight I was happy with and had 15 seconds to go for another rep.  I backed off and then got pissed at myself and got on the bar and hit it.  It was an awesome feeling and that feeling of self doubt and then talking yourself into committing was a good lesson to be learned to apply daily in my training.

8. What is your current system that you use nutritionally?

I used to do the zone years ago and eye ball things now.  I pay strict attention to my protein intake and also particularly the timing of my pre-workout and post workout carbs/protein.  I also eat clean.  I eat oatmeal, shakes, and real food.  I don’t do dairy or grains (aside from oatmeal and whey in shakes).

I eat cookies for a cheat meal here and there.

9. What is your current supplement regimen?

Fish oil, Ribose, CcQ-10, Vitamin C, glutamine, and BCAAs during workouts.

419046_611056802246641_1200900251_n10.  What are some of your techniques that you use for recovery to maintain performance.

Post workout- 10 minutes active cool down on air dyne or row. Foam roll.  Yoga.  Pay attention to shake post workout within 30 minutes and additional meal high in protein (aim for 30 grams) one hour later.

Awesome Thanks!!

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