Tricks are for Kids

195_15633561083_3965_nRecently I had a conversation  regards to the current trend in the industry of one-upmanship and guruism. When we began to talk the question that kept coming up was whether or not I felt like people in the industry were actively increasing promoting and improving or developing new concepts ideas that were promoting the industry?

This is a question that forces me to stop and ponder, because the reality related to the fitness and health profession has always come back to the simple core premise from my standpoint. The greatest amount of success a person’ is going to have always begins with the desire to achieve meet or surpass some form of goal obstacle our end point. Even the weekend warrior or two-day a week gym go’er is trying to improve something about themselves either internally for the sake of health or externally for the appearance of being a healthy. However, it is very difficult for me to honestly sit here and say that there has been any one person in the strength and conditioning field that has introduced revolutionized or transcended the industry as we know it. There have been some incredibly brilliant business people take what has already existed and package it into something that could be marketed into a massive business, yet they as individuals have not created or invented much themselves that didn’t already exist in one form or another. For example we know that the bicep curl has always been a bicep curl, and 50 years from now it will still be a biceps curl regardless of how we try to package it change it or promoted through social media. There is no difference from that to  the understanding that macronutrients have always been and will always be the same macronutrients that were here when the earth produced them for our consumption. The greatest struggle that we’re having in that area is understanding and deciphering the copious amounts of bullshit that have  been spawned and promoted by large companies for the sake of dollars. A big potato has been a fucking big potato for as long as tubers grew from the ground but yet all of a sudden we have to sit down and have an intellectual debate whether or not a starch is Paleo?

Thats a lot of ChampionshipsThe same goes with the fear mongering and bullshit of trying to create the newest most exciting product on the market, the idea that if you can’t be new then just be different and sell it as the next best thing. This holds true for the excessive consumption of supplementation with the intent that it’s going to undo change or reset the genetic fabric that you have so politely fucked with due to poor eating habits and/or exposure to nonorganic compounds. Spoken from somebody that has lived a lifestyle ignorant to the effects that nonorganic can have on your body, I cannot simply sit here and pretend that a bottle of super pill 1000 is going to undo 15 years of unconscious nutritional Fuckery. This also holds true for all these coaches out there that are trying to manipulate change and fuck with basic principles of physiology by exposing people to extremes of either volume or intensity using  short periods of time and trying to convince the world that it is the system that will revolutionize your training via “advanced’ or “cutting edge” techniques. When indeed all you have to do is look into our own history to see that we have  been here before. It is not about establishing or trying to pull a veil off for the sake of wonderment and surprise, people require coaches that are willing to step forward and openly admit to the fact that there is indeed nothing new only better ways of doing what is old or cleaner way of teaching what has been forgotten.

We have exceeded the point of trying to manipulate the smoke for the sake of personal gratification and excess. We need people who are willing to take the time to truly master the craft in which their part of, to become centered and strong and undeterred with their motive to provide progressive working knowledge based on  information from a thousand sources. We no longer need coaches, or performance specialists 195_15633571083_4373_nthat simply stand in front of a room counting dollar signs and repeating the same rhetoric that has been repeated for 50 years only changing the package on the outside so that the sale is made before the logical realization occurs.

It is time that we start to move progressively in the direction of consistency, quality, honesty and integrity. The day of the quick fix kung fu style coaching is dead, with the evolution of long-term memberships at facilities like CrossFit around the world and other training centers,  relying on quasi-hocus-pocus ninja techniques to get a big bang and short return has becoming obsolete. People are making long-term rooted commitments to a coach and a facility. It’s time that we start looking at what is going to work when all other options have failed, it’s no longer time for tricks this isn’t the circus we are not entertainers.

The Reality of Strength


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  1. Derrick you were an instructor at one of my seminars a few years back and have been following since, can you clarify this:

    It seems you are a pro-crossfit person but in the business no one recently (besides fn curve and super slow) has repackaged an old concept and proliferated a “quick” fix mentality and a “hey we discovered this” then the majority of these boxes. I agree there are always the bad of any system and/or group but the majority of this boxes promote themselves by their “we create a great culture” yet its a cultural of no education and one size fits all exercise/training (WODs) and most i have come in contact across a few East Coast states use a shitty multi level marketing supplement (advocare, herbalife, Visalus to name the top 3 I see). Do I have it wrong?

    I have always believed Oly lifts should be at the core of many program designs but it seems Crossfit has bastardized what the lifts are in an attempt to claim they now have discovered the “newest system”. I will admit that I see what I have termed the “Crossfit Fallout” ie referrals of people who have hurt and injured themselves at these boxes, or completely plateau within a year and their coaches have no answers, so of course i could have a more narrow view of this.

    Or let me cut the shit and ask direct: In your opinion and experience who are the bullshitters and who are the people we should be following as coaches that are looking to educate better and not reinvent shit.

    Your honesty and opinion is always respected and thank you again!

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