Crossfit…. Jogging for our generation (reverb)

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I was having a great conversation with a friend of mine in the industry the other day about the sport of cross fit. Or the sport of fitness that is currently taking over the planet… I refer to it as the sport of fitness because it is no longer weightlifting or cardio based conditioning, it has become something into itself. The techniques that the fitness athletes are using to compete are not true weightlifting techniques in the classical sense but yet they still follow the general practices of strength and conditioning.

“I almost forgot. I won’t be able to make it fellas. Veronica and I trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it’s jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It’s supposed to be wild…” -anchorman 

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.44.16 AMTrust me…athletes in an endeavor like weightlifting have been here before….Imagine  for a moment that you were an elite miler or perhaps a marathoner that spent days..months…years crushing mileage  with the goal of making the Olympics or winning the USA championships…And out of nowhere someone comes along and takes your passion…wraps it in a little package…gives your passion a catchy name and the next thing you know everyone everywhere with a pair of sneakers…can be a runner… They come out in hoards…taking to trails and paths everywhere…talking about running…thinking about running…Everywhere, everyone is buying, wearing and being a runner… Sound familiar? And just like today, a lot of the people that were  “jogging” four times a week didn’t have a clue about proper technique, mechanics or program design….Most just got up in the morning and took a little stroll around the block and argued that they were now in the know…and the elite miler running past the coffee shop was no longer a unique athlete training for the Olympics but just another face out for a jog… Talk about a guy pissed off…ha ha oops, and now we are seeing it again but instead of the founder of Nike writing a book designed to get people out the door we are seeing Reebok making commercials about attractive people doing box jumps and power snatches…

screen-shot-2012-08-05-at-5-57-15-pmI know a lot of purists see the techniques being used and they shit the figurtive bed and talk about quitting the sport of weightlifting all together because of the hideous techniques being used via the internet… Myself….I could give a shit about the breakdown in technique that is being performed by people that I don’t know…I may get a laugh from some of it…but by no means would I ever let the visual evil of bad youtube effect me on a personal level. It really is the cycle of things, the difference is we the weightlifting upper class are being effected by the same type of marketing and promotion   that elite runners of all people were effected by when William Bowerman released Jogging in 1967. the past it repeats, just the medium has changed. So if you were to  ask me if I would rather live in a world of inactive people, that think 30min of cardio twice a week is a lot of exercise? Or in a world where people are smashing themselves into the ground a few times a week, eat paleo as a lifestyle and the women with abs and quads marks a level of achievement… I will take the later thank you and if they don’t all master the perfect form on every movement…So be it. As long as the goal is mastery, I will allow some shit to float through the system…Just like the shit that floated through the system before the sport of fitness ever arrived…

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  1. The Sport of Fitness. Great name for it… If we are talking about the “average” American citizen here. If they only have two options: doing 30 min. of cardio or crossfit twice/wk.. Then we are talking about a person who is not going to get results (from just cardio) or a more “fit” person who will end up in the hospital or leave the “sport of fitness” early because of the bad technique (crossfit). Functional movement that does not have an ego, can the average citizen wrap their mind around that? …P.S. I think your right it is yogging, (silent J)

  2. as an ex “elite exerciser” i can commiserate with all the eastern euro wannabes out there. Ive spent a lot of time in boxes or affiliates or whatever you want to call them and have seen some of the worst snatching jerking squatting lifting in general…Ive also seen 65 year old women doing burpees and thrusters…hell I wouldnt have found weightlifting without crossfit. When I started it was seeing josh everett dismantle the heaviest WODs..I wanted that strength. Like many I thought that strength came from crossfit…which it doesnt..there are so many strong motherfuckers crossfitting now its ridiculous. Imagine what would happen if that army turned soley to WL? america might have a chance of actually climinbing a podium again this century. Inevitably, crossfit has gone above ground and turned its back on many of the principles the originals held dear. I owe my love of the lifts to crossfit and Ill never forget that (thank you OUTLAW WAY) but Ive become one of those knee wrapped chalk covered every kilo counts junkies who thinks about his first pull 23 hours and 59 minutes every day and my heart breaks a little every fucking time I see someone power clean/snatch and catch it with their legs going straight in every fucking direction but under the bar.

    ps-muscleups are still fun and i still do them when theres chicks around. guilty

  3. Babsie – you realize you are the jack ass CrossFitter Derek was talking about?


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