Interview with Athletic Fox Founder Rachel Guy!


264662_253031094816569_1426874742_nWhat is your name, Where do you come from & What do you do to fill your days?

I am Rachel Guy, originally a Physio/S&C Coach, now running several businesses out of Sydney Australia. I am from the UK, and I have kept my accent similar to that of the Queen. Just a little less posh – with a few swear words! 😉

I wear two hats – the Certified Tomboy/S&C Coach and the female trainer who loves building hot sexy bikini bodies. Depending on who I speak to, one of my two personalities is present!

I own Athletic Fox Pty Ltd, which reveals the truth in Female Strength Training, Aesthetics, Nutrition, Supplementation and the Beauty Business!

Athletic Fox has an online training system (launching in Jan 2013) and we also run training “fox camps”; seminars, products, apparel, ebooks and general education for females.

I currently write for Mens Fitness; Shape, On Duty and The Line Magazines; in addition to being a published fitness model in Oxygen, Ironman, On Duty and Muscle and Fitness Australia. I am a presenter on The Takedown MMA TV show and Head Strength Coach of Wimp2Warrior MMA. I also still train clients!

I also have another business venture launching in Feb. It goes without saying –  I have to be exceptionally strict with my time management! My schedule usually runs by the 15 minutes –meaning, I rarely have more than 15 mins

during the day that is unaccounted for between 6am and 7pm. All meetings etc have to run to schedule – I can be a pain in the ass at times to deal with due to my lack of flexibility! 😉

1. How long have you been a PICP instructor? What got you interested in Poliquin system?

I first did Biosig back in 2007 when it first became a 5 day course in Australia. I learned more about training and real nutrition in those 5 days than the previous 5 years of University. From there I read all of Charles books and most of the others he mentioned during the course from training to functional medicine and beyond. I tried and tested many training protocols on myself before implementing them with clients. Nothing teaches you more than experience!

1461834_10151980609734834_812562965_nI only officially did PICP 1 & 2 in November 2010 but I had used many of the Poliquin Principles of training, periodization and programming for several years prior. I like to learn from a wide base of trainers and coaches. Every course or textbook has something to make you grow professionally as a coach. It is important to seek out a range of mentors who are the best in their field. The Poliquin system is a constantly evolving program and does produce undeniable results for gains in strength, hypertrophy and fat loss.

2. What other certifications and education do you hold in regards to your profession?
I graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK with a BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy. I moved quickly into musculoskeletal sports medicine and did several short courses in functional anatomy, dry needling and other physio related courses.

I moved to Sydney in 2007, and went back to University to do post grad study in Exercise and Sports Science. From there I meshed together strength coaching and physical therapy.

I have certifications with FMA Strength Training, Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, Active Release Technique (A.R.T), CHEK HLC and short courses on rehab. Best education of all has come from years of training experience, fucking up and fixing myself and learning from doing.

Basically anything and everything I need to work with a variety of clients! I am a self-confessed nerd and obsessive reader! I try to keep as up to date with research as possible, yet the reality is no client is the same and therefore should not be trained or treated in the exact same way. Experience and intuition counts for a lot.

Rachel Guy (man)ima;My love is S&C and bikini bodies; yet I have a gift for rehab. I primarily consider myself a trainer and strength coach who also deals with injuries. I often refer out more serious injures to my network of chiros/physical therapists.

3. When did you start training in figure/bikini contests and how many have you done? What was your placing in those shows and do you have any in the future? 

I started toying with the idea of doing a show in 2005, back then I was small and skinny. It was 2007 before I first got on stage. I placed well. 1st in Figure Novice and 2nd Place Overall Figure.

I switched to IFBB Bikini/Fitness Model in 2010 as I prefer a softer and curvier look with a big booty!

I try to do one show a year, however preparation is time consuming and hard when I run several businesses. I just try to stay in shape year round for shoots and sponsorship contracts. A little bit of pressure when I also like a glass or two of red wine! 😉 2013 I will be competing in the US / Canada. Time allowing.

4. Was the modeling a natural extension to figure and training or was it something that you got involved in prior to lifting? 

After my first show I fell into fitness modeling and had to learn fast!! I had the odd modeling gig prior to competing but it was all fashion or hair shows. I still do hair and make up shoots, but it is mainly gym wear/fitness gear, sports nutrition ads, bikinis or tv commercials needing a fitness chick.

5. With your MMA training that our viewers can watch online what other systems do you incorporate to meet your goals for maintaining a bikini body? Do you ever plan to fight or is the pursuit for personal reasons?
For sure, I have a YouTube channel – YOUTUBE

1518981_10152098312774834_691227380_nI post ALL sorts of training on there from MMA right through to how to train for a bikini booty and “how to” videos.
Sure training is tough year round!! If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! Stepping out of your comfort zone ensures continual development. I have a fear of stagnation!

I defiantly have no intention of ever setting foot in a cage other than in training! Frankly the idea terrifies me, however the training is fun! I highly recommend it to girls for fat loss and conditioning.

Training and understanding MMA has got me onto Wimp2Warrior which was the brainchild of my MMA coach Richie Cranny.

My Training varies depending on the phase I am in. I currently lift 3x/week – total body; 2x interval (Sprint or MMA) sessions and one long run a week 8-10kms. Yes I do cardio!! 😉

6. What are your current business goals and how would you describe yourself as a coach and trainer?

2012 has been no less than epic! I have met some amazing people, signed some big sponsorship deals and launched Athletic Fox Pty Ltd – Finally! 18months late! 😉

My business goals are to launch the AF online training system and continue to grow the brand internationally. I am lucky to have some great people to help me! I cannot do it alone. 2012 my biggest learning curve was to outsource!

As a Trainer/Coach: – Everything I do with clients I have done myself. I know how hard to push and when to back off. I hate excuses! I have heard every excuse; don’t bore me with more. If you are unhappy with something, CHANGE IT!!! I like purposeful training, sensible, flexible nutrition and positive lifestyle changes.

I hate bullshit and will often find myself having “direct” words with time-wasters. Nevertheless, training MUST remain enjoyable for the general population. I train some middle aged women who like to exercise and talk about Prada handbags. That’s fine! They still work very hard and lift some impressive weights! My only rule is no talking during the set and we stick to the given rest periods.

7. You have completed BioSig during the Australian tours; but clearly you already have a head start in body composition coaching. Is this an area that you are already working in to get your clients maximal results?

969530_372371226215888_1121634571_nAs a competitive dieter over the years I have tried and tested a countless eating patterns, meal timings, weighing foods, cutting out entire food groups, counting calories, low fat this, no sugar that etc etc! I can speak from experience here and say that all of the above results in temporary weight loss while feeling utterly shit, tired, cranky, and piss-weak in training. It is also stressful and you feel mildly withdrawn from society and social occasions. In the long run, for a female in the general population to stay lean, curvy and healthy year round; my top 5 tips would be: 1) Have a solid breakfast 2) Use butter, cream and coconut oil in small to moderate amounts. 3) Base each meal on lean meat and heaps of veggies/salad. 4) Small intake of grains and no processed foods. 5) Eat real food and watch your portion sizes! If I am dealing with an athlete or figure competitor of course I have to be more specific. I think the biggest mistake people make is cut out entire food groups or macronutrients.

8. Your originally Welsh, and have made the transition to Australia. Do you find the two countries culturally different in regards to personal training and fitness? 
Sydney has a lot more forward thinking smart trainers who want to learn and develop professionally. However the general standard leaves a lot to be desired!! Wales has some awesome bodybuilding trainers but the over all standard of training and gyms is still behind Sydney. There are a handful of excellent coaches in Wales, the majority of which work in rugby teams. However – that being said, I left the UK 7 years ago so a lot has changed in that time.

9. What are three goals you have for yourself during the next 12months?

1) Training – Grow my delts and my booty so it has a different zip code. 😉 Compete in the US; maintain a bikini body year round.

2) Personal – Travel to the US, Canada, UK, Thailand and Dubai. Buy a house, be happy, healthy and to love and live life!

3) Professional – Continue to grow Athletic Fox to be an empire of female training, continue to work in the media and online.

derek woodske Rachel Guy10. Tell us a little about where you coach and is there a way to get in contact with you for consultations or training?

I currently coach two days a week out of the Clean Health Performance Center (CHPC) in Sydneys CBD. Its such a great gym and I am really proud of my good friend Daine who has worked so hard to make it happen! J

I can be contacted via email or via Facebook and

Thanks Derek!

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