CrossFit Games Cont. (two templates for Progression. Cleans and Squats)

Hot CrossFit GirlDeveloping CrossFit Champion. (16 week progression for Cleans and Squats)

During the last two parts of my evaluation of the CrossFit games and my personal ideas about how to develop an athlete, who would have a fighting chance at doing well granted they were not a product of a chlorinated genetic pool has lead me to my next section of progressions, exercises. What would be the direction I would take them from start to finish? As I look at the movements that are required to be successful it is almost impossible to write down every variation that would be possible to get your athlete to the top.  However, what we can look at is the progressions of the main movements and some variations that we can use to maximize development. The first two movements that I am going to go through are the power clean and the back squat. Assuming that you have an athlete of little or no training history but they pass all the health requirements this could also be used as teaching progression with the intent to strengthen the athlete while developing technique at the same time.

PART I            PART II

Progressions of Power Clean (example of 15 week progression)

Week 1-2 Rack Deadlifts 1” above knee (Sets 4-8 Reps 4-7 ) 2 sec pause on rack
Week 2-3 Rack Deadlifts 1’ below knee (sets 4-8 reps  3-6 ) 2 sec pause on rack
Week 4-5 Deadlifts Omni. (odd sets with chain, even sets without) {sets 6-8 reps 2-5}
Week 6-7 Deadlifts. (sets 3-5 reps 1-4)
Week 7-8 Clean Shrugs (sets 6-8 reps 3-5. Start 55% of deadlift)
Week 9-10 Clean High Pulls (sets 6-8. Reps 2-4. Start 60% of  clean pulls)
Week 11-12 Clean high Pulls (sets 6-8. Reps 1-3)
Week 13 6 position Cleans. 1rep = (hip, mid thigh, 1” above knee, 1” below knee, shin, floor)
Week 14 4 position Cleans. 1rep = (mid thigh, 1” below knee, mid shin, floor)
Week 15 2 position Cleans. 1rep = (hang clean, Floor)
Week 16 Cleans from the Floor. ( Sets 8-12 Reps 1-3)

Progressions of Power Squat (example of 15 week progression)

Week 1-2 Iso overcoming Squats (Sets 5-7 Reps 3-5) take squat off rack 160° (pause 5sec rack)
Week 2-3 Iso overcoming Squats (Sets 5-7 Reps 3-5) take squat off rack 90° (pause 5sec rack)
Week 4-5 Box Squats (10sets of 6) 50-70% of squat
Week 6-7 Box Squats w/chains (8-10 sets. Reps 2-4) Bar weight never exceeding 60% 1RM
Week 7-8 Box Squats w/chains (8-10sets. Reps 1-3) Bar weight never exceeding 70% 1RM
Week 9-10 Box Squats w/Bands (12sets. Reps 2) Bar weight never exceeding 55% 1RM
Week 11-12 Box Squats w/weight releasers (12sets 1rep)
Week 13 Oly Squats Omni w/chain (5-7 sets 3-5reps) odd sets with chain, even sets without
Week 14 Olympic Squats  w/chains (6-8 sets 2-4reps)
Week 15 Olympic Squats w/bands (8-10sets 2reps)
Week 16 Olympic Squats w/weight releasers  (10sets 1rep)

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  1. Derek,

    Great post on CrossFit! Cool 16 week progression! Thinking long term & hypothetical question; After this 16 week cycle say your 90kg CF Athlete was good for a 140BS and a 100CJ, would you progress him on to the next phase as outlined in post 2 or would you keep him in relative strength type stuff until given numbers? If so what would those numbers be? 200BS & 160CJ. I guess I could just simplify my question and as – what do you see the strength norms being for this sport?

    • The Strength Norms, that is a good question because what I am starting to notice is a two sided problem for the actual games. On one front we always want to be as strong as possible to make things easier, but on the other if we spend a lot of time mastering one discipline the others will be sacrificed. I think that in the hypothetical situation that you outlined above i would start to progress into the annual template and bring the lifts up as you go along from that point forward because they will be more then high enough to compete in the games, sure there will be some guys that lift more in the clean ladder but may suck in a lot of other things. I would say that 140 and 200 are solid base numbers to work off of, in a perfect word I would like to see a 155-160 Pr going into the games and a 240 squat if the athlete has the ability to also maintain the anaerobic capacity work as well. Those seem to be the magic numbers that the top guys are putting out.

  2. This Program looks great! With the deadlifts/squats with/without chains:

    should I replace the chain weight in the sets without chains or are these performed more explosive?


  1. Strength Training Library: Articles | Gregory Taper

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