Chest Day 8/14/12 Ben Pakulski





This is the outline from Todays Chest / Shoulder a.m. session and Chest / Biceps p.m. session

8:30 – 9:00 am Therapy (soft tissue work , F.A.T.-Tool, PIMST)

9;00 – 10;00am

Density Blocks

– A1 and A2, B1 and B2 were preformed as a paired set for 20 minutes each with 5 minute rest between pairs. We didn’t count set we only focused on time and rest intervals. We trained for 20min with only a 5-10sec rest between exercises and 1 min rest between sets. The rest is shorter being six weeks out from the Olympia. This is a very grueling workout and you should be cautious when performing it.

– During the B1 B2 series we used the multiple loading options of the STRIVE flat bench press. We overloaded the midrange for 4 rounds before switching and over loading the end range for the remaining rounds. During the last three rounds we also did an extended strip set on the  STRIVE bench only, doing a triple drop.

A1. Incline Barbell Press

– sets (multiple) reps 6-8 reps.  weight 315

– 10 sec rest

A2. Chest supported Lateral Raise

– sets (multiple) reps 8reps. weight variable

– 1 minute repeat

B1. Strive Bench Press

– sets (multiple) reps 6-8reps. weight 3 plates a side

– changing pin position to overload different ranges in strength curve

– 1o sec rest

B2. Strive Seat Shoulder Press

– sets (multiple) reps 8reps. weight 3 plates a side

– changing pin position to overload different ranges in strength curve, emphasizing lockout.

– 1min rest

– Session ended with soft tissue work followed by rest recovery and ART (active release therapy) before the addition of second workout.

– During the evening session we increased the volume and continued with chest plus the addition of biceps.  We trained arms on sunday and during this session we wanted to use the improved supination from the ART treatment and focused specifically on supinated movements.

– The changes in the chest exercises emphasis more horizontal abduction and higher volume protocols.

P.M. Workout Chest and Biceps.

4:00pm to 5:00pm

A1. Strive Bench 10° incline

– sets (multiple) reps 12 reps. weight 3 plates a side

–  emphasizing lockout.

– 10sec rest

A2. Seated Machine Flys

– sets (multiple) reps 12 reps. Focus on pulling with the Pec (I refer to it as dragging the arms)

– 10sec rest

A3. Close Grip Preacher Curls

– Sets (multiple) reps 15. Postion to minimize advantageous of angle.

– 90 sec rest

B1. Incline Dumbbell Press

– sets (multiple) reps 8-10. weight variable

– incline 45°

-10sec rest

B2. Incline Dumbbell Flys

– Sets (multiple) reps 10-12. Focus on pulling from the center of the sternum.

– Drag the arms across the body

– Incline 45 °

-10sec rest

B3. Spider Curls

– Sets (multiple) reps 15-20.

– 90 sec rest

– Workout followed by restorative treatment with F.A.T – tool.

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  1. PakMan is THE MAN! Can’t wait to see him crush the Olympia…


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