The Power of Awesome…

When looking at the progression of fitness and health on the internet we are seeing a devoted cry towards the idea of being the best person that you can be…. mantras are spoken and shared daily about the pursuit of greatness. People like your greatness and then share your mantras with other people. With the intent of either making people believe that they too are that great or maybe even interested in promoting overall greatness around the world!

But here is what is curious to me, having grown up in the world of dial telephones and magazines that you had to read for your information. The promotion of greatness was something that you worked at silently and when you actually did something you got rewarded for it, others bestowed it onto you. The idea of being “Awesome” or fucking worse yet proclaiming to yourself was unheard of! Could you imagine if you took the world of FB and made it a part of your daily life? There were no more status updates, you just walked into the gym or office and outstretched both arms making pointy notes with your index fingers and stated. “Good morning everyone! I just want you to know that I looked in the mirror today and I decided that…I am Awesome!” At which point people would all be like. “Fuck yeah you are!” beat their desk like a drum with the open palms of their hands before pointing at one another with a wink and stating. “I was totally sad today, but then thought why be sad when I can be awesome instead!”

People spread the awesome throughout their work place people that were not awesome start to feel the power as it spreads forth…. cubical by cubical…. bench by bench….office by office. The power of awesome rolls throughout the building. Its so magical, almost spiritual as it flows…. People inspired, moved to action because of one simple word… The love flows until it meets the corner of the room where Bill (every office has one) resides and there he sits with his hands behind his head…. legs out stretched and a slight smile on his face… His eyes are full of experience and his smirk…  a lifetime of memories. When the power of your Awesome meets Bill’s ears through the chain reaction of jubilant chatter…a sigh and a shift leaves his body and it is clear. “Not a single ounce of Fuck Shall be given this day….”

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