To Train Like A Champion.

With this system as he approached the Arnold we wanted to start incorporate some fat loss in to the overall picture and by training three times a day we were also able to thrash all the fiber types. (thats complicated  science talk)

This was his Torso Day for three weeks

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Tempo
A. Incline Barbell Bench Press 6 5-7 120sec 40X0
B. Flat Dumbbell Press Start in supination. finish in pronation 6 8-12 60sec 3020
C. Close Grip Pulldowns 6 8-12 60sec 40X0
D. Close Grip Eccentric pull-ups 6 6 120sec 10ecc
WORKOUT 2 (goal is hypertrophy supersets)
A1. Incline Dumbbell Press 5 8-12 100sec 4010
A2. One arm Dumbbell Rows 5 10-12per 60sec 30X0
B1.Decline Flys 5 8-10 100sec 5010
B2. Seated Wide Grip Rows 5 8-10 60sec 5010
Workout 3 (goal; metabolic trauma giant sets)
a1. Seated Throat Row (elbows out) 4 12-15 30sec 20X0
a2. Hammer press incline 4 10-15 30sec 20X0
a3. Hammer Seated Rows 4 12-15 30sec 20X0
a4. Cable incline flys 4 10-15 30sec 20X0
a5. One arm cable rows 4 12-15 30sec 20X0
a6. Cable Cross-overs(high to low) 4 20 180sec 20X0

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7 replies

  1. “Metabolic Trauma” Love it. Speaks for itself, I think 😉

  2. i LOVE THE TORTURE! lol Ben is a machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had me at “trauma” !

  3. uh oh, derek is giving a free torso day out, better try this. NOT FOR THE WEAK MINDED OR HEARTED

  4. 3 a days is def a change of pace…but i’m in


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