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  1. If you’re progressing from high to low volume, and low to high intensity, are you still using 2-3 week periodized blocks which are focussing on either intensity, power or volume?

    • Exactly Charles,
      I am a big fan of 3 week blocks emphasizing either intensity or volume… But this is where I see people make too large of shifts from block to block. Less dramatic changes and then there are blocks where the first couple movements will emphasis a training parameter. But the following movements may have an emphasis into something else. Depending on the time of year…. But as you get to the end of the cycle… It’s pretty much what it is. Not much room for variation.

      • What kind of split do you use generally for the 3 weeks? And do you believe in deloading after every training block? Keep it up Manimal, love the blog.

      • I actually don’t use a delaod personally, I found that if I changed the workouts every fourth week I didn’t have to back my athletes off as much. When I was coaching full-time I used an outline similar to Jud Logan. Oly/Lower, Torso, Off, Oly/Lower, Upper Extreme.

      • Great Video Derek, loved it, please make more videos about program design. I would really enjoy a 2-day course just about program-design, we just scratched the surface during PCIP Level 2 in halmstad.

      • I will pass the word to the top!

  2. thanks Derek, would love to listen to more if you can…

  3. when describing a load, when is it best to use % of 1RM and when to use repsRM? I think it depends on the goal right? i.e. When in accumulation repsRM and when in intensification or power % of 1RM? are there any other/better ways to use these?

    • You’re exactly correct. What ever the repetition bracket of the exercise you’re training is…is the RM max that would be estimated. so a 77% of a 6RM is different then a 77% of a 2RM or SIngle.

      In accum or power it is always just the % of the RM that you are working with you don’t have to differentiate.


  4. Great post Derek, would also be keen to hear your thoughts on periodisation and tapering periods before competition.

  5. Derek,
    Does body type have a big impact on your program construction? I have been researching the effectiveness of certain program manipulations and how they positively or negatively impact specific body types. Your thoughts?

    Love the blog!
    Thank You,

    • Hey Patrick!
      I don’t use just body type as my program variable in the beginning because I like to see how the athlete reacts first. I have had some ectos that display a high rate of mua (motor unit activation) like a high jumper and meso that display a low rate of fire. I am a big believer in the Dr.Bonderchuck identification that there are intensity athletes, Volume athletes and intensity- volume combo and then program for that.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Great Video blog. I like that “start weak, finish strong”. You know what many people are copying my training, but they don’t know what they are doing even they are performing slow tempo. And no one believes few reps and high sets program is work. Anyway, I like your passion & style in training/ coaching.

  7. Thanks as always Derek. When working with collegiate athletes, do you find you need to cycle volume in relation to their school load? Eg. For an offseason athlete, would it make sense to go high volume at the beginning of term, and back off later volume as other work builds? Essentially you would have multiple periods of high volume throughout the annual cycle.

    • Hey Tyson,

      I wish that we could do that with every sport in College but you just cannot because of the timing of the schedule…for a sport like track it seems to work quit naturally…but not for everyone. I believe that it is the most difficult aspect of college sports, because you soon realize the demands of the student athlete…Having been one myself in college and also a coach at that level. Sometimes you just have to grind them. The only concessions that I try to make is timing unload weeks during midterms and finals. I hope that helps?

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