Hunting…is not for lazy f**ks

So I was having a conversation recently about the need for a certain level of conditioning to make yourself a healthy mobile and active adult, and they brought up the idea that we are superior creatures in our ability to feed ourselves and do to that fact we don’t require a significant amount of fitness to do so, so we don’t really need it…. Hmmm I thought? Thinking back to this argument that has been circulating for some time now….

“We don’t need to be fit to eat?” Well there in itself lies that the fundamental problem with the evolution of obesity and disgusting photos of fucking horrendous people in Wal-Mart. We do not indeed need to be fit to eat anymore, and it shows in the cultures where husbandry and manufactured nutrition is most prevalent…But it does not make it right…By any stretch of the imagination and that was my point which is often lost. I agree that we are not required to have a certain ability physically to earn the right to consume a nutritious meal…but we use to and it was certainly a lot more then just clubbing a chicken with a stick or stone.

Anyone that has hunted outside the game farms of America will quickly admit to the physical demand required to bring down a single large game animal even if you are using a rifle to do so. What we think of hunting in America today is significantly different then it was just 30 years ago or even longer how about 150 years ago! Both just slivers of time in the greater scheme of modern man, but yet that is what we use as a frame of reference. The idea that Earl can climb into a tree stand 20 meters off an access road sit all day eating potato chips and  sandwiches well waiting to shoot and animal, that he may or may not even us as a future food source is not even close to what hunting use to be.

We were and are designed to work for out nutrition to use energy to ingest energy to be in balance with our environment, and in doing so it maintained our health, fitness and strength. As we got older our wisdom of hunting and knowledge was passed down to our children and for that gift they took over the process of bringing food back to the village.

Think for a moment about the requirements of a hunt…with even a bow as the weapon…not even going back to the spear. The hunter would set out, usually on foot sometimes by mount, but even then they would have to get off and walk. In the majority of areas through out North America animals use the environment as their protection. Often hiding or climbing or evading danger by making it difficult for danger to follow, and hunters certainly fell into that category.  The hunter would learn the habits or routines of the animal picking up sent or tracks that would lead them in the animals direction. This could take days of walking, anticipating and predicting what to do next. If the tracks came to a mountainside the hunter would have to hike sometimes hand over foot to get to a position of advantage or opportunity.  If they got on the trail of an animal and it started to move they would have to be ready to go as well…even in the world of a rifle this is still a common reality. Having to hike your ass off when you come across fresh tracks.  Then when you find yourself in a position of advantage over the animal….You attack with one calculated assault, which I agree is 99% anaerobic in nature…the drawing of the arrow…the setting of the spear….the dropping of a large rock 😉 But what then? After the large game has fallen. It is larger than a chicken that is for certain. It has to be butchered onsite…chopped into manageable portions and carried by pack out of the woods, mountains or swamps. Back to camp and if you think that they walked for 20sec rested and walked again to maintain their anabolic window you’re and asshole and I would prefer that you stop reading.  This was tough brutal work at times and even more so when the snow fell… Hunting is something that is as important to the survival of humans as anything in our DNA… the problem is that when we hunt today it is by car and the destination is the Wendy’s delivery window…Shit the Pizza guy gets more exercise then the average person ordering it, because he has to walk up to everyone’s house.  We have come a very long way in a very short period of time… but we are trying to rewrite the rules of a game that has been around for a very long time.

Too many people today are way to fat because they no longer have to earn their nutrition…and just because you are sub 10% BF from following a strict nutrition plan and lifting weights does not make you fit and healthy… Remember we are here to do more then look good in a gym.  But the fact that the people are becoming fragile while maintaining the appearance of strength is a whole other topic for me… the idea that if they miss a session it causes enough stress to ruin a week or if their blueberries are not from the western most facing slope of British Columbia Rocky Mountain region they will have gastrointestinal issues makes me want to leave them in the wilderness with a sign that  that says…

“Please, take this one as a gift. He is of no use to us anyway….”

Signed – mankind

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  1. Stalking, not spooking, taking the shot, field dressing, skinning, quartering, packing back to camp, butchering, cooking…sweat equity holds superior value over “30 minutes or its free,” every day of the week & twice on Sundays! “you’re and asshole and I would prefer that you stop reading,” that is literary gold! Nice Coach!

  2. Really enjoyed that one Derek. Got a bit of a shock a few years ago in a Columbus supermarket seeing able bodied but heavily obese people driving little golf carts around the aisles on their “food hunt”. My friend had to pick my jaw off the floor.

  3. there is a hunting show called meateater where he hunts in a similar manner that you describe. sometimes he uses a rifle, sometimes just a knife….usually big game. it is definitely not for the weak, fat, and out of shape. i have not hunted in this way too much, i have stalk hunted a few times. i will say, as hard as it sometimes seems to get the kill, the real work starts after the adrenaline wears off and the processing starts.


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