A Single day of training on the way to the Olympia…

For those that have been following my Blog; you may or may not know I am working with IFBB Professional BodyBuilder Ben Pakulski in preparation for this years coming Mr.Olympia. The first cycle of training I created was in route for his Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic performance.

I will make his training available after the dust settles in October, but here is an example of one day of training in preparation for The Arnold Classic.


                                                         You can Follow Ben on his Facebook Fan Page;     

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Chest and Biceps

Am Session

A          Incline Bench Press  2 positions

                        Narrow grip                           3sets               6-8 reps                     60sec rest

                        Wide Grip                               3sets               8-10 reps                   60sec rest

B          Supinated Chins                                6sets               4-6reps                      75sec rest

C          Dips                                                    5sets               8-12reps                    100sec

D         Preacher Reverse Curls                    5sets               8,8,7,7,6                      75sec

Day One

Chest and Biceps

Pm Session (giant multi angle sets)

A1 Incline 1 ¼ DB Presses                           4                      6-8reps                      30sec

A2 Flat DBP from neutral to Internal         4                      8-10reps                    45sec

A3 Decline dumbbell press                          4                      10-12reps                  60sec

A4 Cable Cross Overs                                   4                      12-15reps                  180sec

B1 Standing Hammer Curls                         4                      6-8reps                      30sec

B2 30 degree incline supinated curl          4                      8-10reps                    45sec

B3 45 degree incline supinated curl          4                      9-11reps                    60sec

B4 60 degree incline supinated curl          4                      10-12reps                  180sec

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  1. I can’t wait to see the rest of Ben’s training! Great stuff Coach!!


  1. Strength Training Library: Articles | Gregory Taper

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