I am Athlete…

In my life I have trained in the rain, snow and heat. I have had blisters, bruises broken bones and surgery. I have hurt, screamed, lost, fought and conquered. I have run sprints, pushed trucks, ran sand hills and flipped tires. I have timed my 400m sprint, measured my long jump and gone for a jog. I have peddled my bike as hard as I could for as long as I could. I have done a Turkish get up. I have trained once, twice and three times in a day, I have gone a full calendar year without missing a workout. I have done cardio. I have pulled sleds and climbed ropes. I have done 50 dips in 90sec, squatted 450lbs for twenty reps and snatched 318lbs. I have hiked through waist high snow above 11,000ft, climbed trees and carried heavy rocks without the intent to build something. At no time did I wonder what name I could give to the activities of my life…so I simply call it living.

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    This old post has been on my mind strongly these pat few days….Is it because I am closing in on 36? Is it the Olympics? Is it the fact that I am losing the desire to be 126kg and lift heavy things? We will see….but there is a lot to what I wrote when I wrote this…and I feel a calling…

  2. Totally agree. I’m turning to 37 in Sept. But I am still training hard!

  3. 43 going on 44 soon, just worked trough chest with 38 kg. dumbells, going to bike 175 km. with 3300 hightmeters in Belgium in 3 weeks, before biking 385 km. in Denmark the week after.
    I have a wife, to small kids, a house and a demanding job BUT, there is no excuses for not working out and be all you can be!

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