Tanya Etessam

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

The Big Ten

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 2.46.32 PM1. How long have you been a PICP instructor? What got you interested in Poliquins system?

I took my first Poliquin course in 20 and have been studying Poliquin’s principles and training methods since then. I was first introduced to Poliquins system from a friend of mine. He encouraged me to incorporate prescribed tempos/ Time under tension (TUT) in my training programs. He mentioned Poliquin and the rest is history!

2. What other certifications and education do you hold in regards to your profession?

Besides being a PICP 2 instructor and BioSignature practitioner, I also have a bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotions. I am also a certified personal trainer trough American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

3. When did you start training in figure contests and how many have you done? What were your placings in those shows and do you have any in the future?

I started competing in figure competitions last year (2010)… I ended up doing FOUR competitions back to back that year (I DON’T suggest that haha). I placed okay in most of those shows (ranged from 1st in class to 8th in class, depending on the caliber and amount of competitors.
This year (2011) I have done one show: 2011 NPC Southern States; I won 1st place overall figure winner…. Ironically, this is the same show that I placed 8th in my class last year! ?

4. Have you moved into modeling? Or have you kept your focus on the sport side of the industry?

I have not done much modeling (only a few small things here and there), however I would LOVE to get more into it. I absolutely love the sports side of the industry… the training, diet, and entire competition prep is what I live for!

5. Having a long history of classical dance, do you find that it has influenced your figure or training career?

I think my ballet dance background definitely helps with figure competitions. I love being on stage!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 2.45.45 PM6. What are your current business goals and how would you describe yourself as a coach and trainer?

Currently, I am working on my new business 360 SHIFT (Strength, Health, Inspiration, Fitness, and Training) 360 SHIFT is all about increasing your inner strength! I offer health and wellness articles, inspirational stories of all kinds, fitness apparel (soon to come), fitness videos and tips, and personal training/nutritional counseling services. Another one of my main focuses with this business is to help, specifically, men and women who suffer from eating disorders. I battled anorexia for many many years, and would love to help others get healthyand fit!
As a coach I am very straight to the point. I like to acknowledge the issue at hand and fix it! Also, I am very goal oriented and encourage my clients to ALWAYS have some kind of goal. It makes training more enjoyable knowing that you are progressing each time you train and are getting closer to reaching that goal.

7. You have worked with a lot of clients, even having helped a number of them make it to the stage. How has your Biosig background helped you with your clients goals.

Yes, one of my clients (45years young, I must add) just won 1st overall in the bikini division at her very first competition. My BioSig background has helped tremendously with her and with all of my clients! Knowing the BioSig methods allows me to pin point the clients individual priority sites to target and correct body composition and even health issues; its great!

8. You currently live in Florida. Is that your home and if so how is Florida in regards to personal training and the private coaching industry?

Yes FL is my home, however I did live in NYC for 3 years. As far as training and coaching goes, FL is great. The clientele is very well rounded; ranges from young to old athletes, housewives, and weekend warriors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 2.45.17 PM9. What are three goals you have for yourself during the next 12months?

Three goals would be:
1.To receive my IFBB Figure Pro card at my next competition (May 2012)
2.To have my new company, 360 SHIFT, be known nation wide for clothing, training, and health awareness.
3.To appear in /model for a well known fitness magazine

10. Tell us a little about where you coach and is there a way to get in contact with you for consultations or training?

I currently coach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, however I also do online training program design and nutritional consultations. I will also be selling clothing in the near future online and in stores… stay posted for that!! For now, best way to contact me is through email: tanyaetessam@mac.com


Athlete and Brand Representative · Miramar, Florida · 2011 to present

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