On the Road

The trip from the US to Europe was my first and defiantly not my last. I flew from my home in NC and arrived in Copenhagen via Vienna Austria. The flight its self was average but not bad, we flew a 767 offered by Austria Air and other then the true lack of arm, leg and even nut room for that matter took only 7hr 55min from wheels up to wheels down. Vienna airport was awesome, it was a combination of old and new with a ton of up scale shopping right in side the terminal. When we deplaned the 767, it was directly onto the tarmac which was awesome because I was born in the seventies and every once in a while we need to be reminded of that. The last flight was directly into Copenhagen and Denmark is beautiful, the combination of old world architecture and incredible new world design make it a sight for the eyes as you navigate through the city. And bicycles, everyone and I mean everyone rides bikes in the city of Copenhagen. It was incredible to see women dressed for a date or fine dinner and riding their bike to the location! No thunder thighs in this culture that is for sure, skinny jeans and a ten speed. The cost of things is a little high but the quality is also at the same level, unlike the walmart bakery in the US the bread actually gives off an odor of awesomeness as it bakes in the corner shops.

The food it all produced daily so the sandwich that looks like its a display model is actually edible.
Once I arrived met with Charles, Andre Benoit(head instructor) and john Connor(Irish Strength Institute) we took a cab to the IDRAETTENS HUS which the national training center for a number of Danish National sports as well as the home of Brondby Stadium and Soccer team. The facility is awesome, and like all of this part of Europe its very efficient from the building being all motion sensors to the electricity in my room only being active when my door key is the slot.
I have lifted twice already in the weightroom wihich an Eleiko Sponsored facility and look forward to six more sessions before I depart next week. I will update more as I continue this week.

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