Anna Slotnick!

Location, Denver Colorado


For the majority of my younger years, I was rail thin. Looking back now, it was kind of gross–no curves, no tone, my figurewas literally straight up and down, like a 12 year-old boy. But I could eat whatever I wanted– literally, ice cream for breakfast and Doritos for dinner, and I wouldn’t gain an ounce. I was what we call “skinny fat”– thin, but no muscle mass whatsoever. I was not physically active– besides when I was going to tip the bottle of booze (which I later found out I was allergic to), or going to light that bowl of chronic (am I allowed to say that on here?). Upon leaving home and going to college, you can only imagine how my bad habits grew worse.

My first year of college I gained a good 25 lbs; my lightening fast metabolism was slowing; my eating, drinking, and drug habits were even worse, and my inactivity was getting the best of me. One day I saw a picture of myself; I was disgusted, and decided enough was enough.So I hit the gym hard. I was clueless though; all I ever did was run on the elliptical and train abs. I  decided to say goodbye to alcohol and marijuana, and felt even better. I started to clean up my eating, and began seeing results. I loved the way I felt after a work out– strong, accomplished, empowered– it was a natural high almost. I was instantly addicted. Fitness became my passion and I wanted to share it with everyone around me. I decided that I was going to study exercise science in hopes of becoming a personal trainer and maybe one day open my own gym.That is when I found Ben Demko, my first personal trainer (who I trained with for almost 2 years), one of my best friends, and now my boss and PICP Level 1 Coach. He showed me how to train the whole body– the nervous system as well as the muscular system. He taught me the fundamentals of training– weight, rep, tempo schemes, hypertrophy, strength, weight loss, endurance, you name it.
You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Realize your potential, then kick the shit out of it. Pain is an illusion… well for the most part. Weights before dates. Champions train, losers complain. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Fear earns you nothing,

so find a way, or make one. Push yourself; struggle to get those last few reps that hurt oh so good, then move on to the next exercise. Determination is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, so let’s cross that bridge.

NASM Certified Since 2010
Certified Trainer with Expert Rating 2010
CPR / AED Certified
Student Metropolitan State College of Denver. Major; Adult Fitness and exercise Science. Minor Nutrition.
I am now a certified personal trainer still making that effort to get my degree and graduate from Metro State here soon. I am currently training for my first NPC bikini competition. I model on the side for fun and networking. I believe that my body is my billboard, and with discipline and will power, you really can achieve anything you set

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